Fire Prevention

The Skiatook Fire Department is committed to making Skiatook a safer community through a series of Community Risk Reduction programs.

Community Risk Reduction Programs

Risk Watch:

Risk watch is a program developed over twenty years ago to educate children ages 5 to 14 in areas identified as those creating the most risk to this age group.

Our personnel use this curriculum as a guideline so to allow for consistent communication about specific fire safety concerns and prevention measures.  This education program covers five areas identified as posing the greatest risk, including:

  1. Vehicle Safety
  2. Fire and Burn Prevention
  3. Choking, Suffocation and Strangulation Prevention
  4. Poisoning Prevention and Fall Prevention
  5. Bike and Pedestrian Safety and Water Safety

Our educational goal is to protect out most valuable resource, our children.  For more Risk Watch information, please visit:

School Fire Safety:

Each year, Skiatook Firefighters visit all the public elementary schools and provide your children with fire safety education.  These visits include the supervision of fire drills at the schools, as well as visiting the classrooms and interacting with the students. In addition to partnering with Skiatook Public Schools to make these programs a success, most private schools and day care facilities in Skiatook also receive educational visits from the Skiatook Fire Department. These programs are designed to teach students what to do in the event of an emergency.  

Fire Wise:

Years of research, examining the devastating destruction of homes across our nation and extending into foreign countries, has identified the need for prevention from wildfires.  From that research, this educational program was created by the NFPA "National Fire Protection Association" in partnership with firefighters and prevention specialists across the world to identify a simple way to teach home owners prevention techniques to avoid this devastation.  From this combined effort, the "Firewise USA" program was born.  Firewise USA is a partnership between the homeowners and local fire prevention specialists. This program provides both commercial and residential property owners a series of specific methods by which they can protect their property from the threat of wildfire. For more information on protecting your home from wildfire, please visit:

Link for the Fire Wise Program:

Fire Hydrant Testing:

Fire hydrants in Skiatook are tested annually to assure both homeowners and fire fighters that water is available within a specific area.  The actual function test information gives fire crews the gallons per minute flow.  This is also a standard used by the Insurance Service Organization, or "ISO" to assist in the calculation of home owners insurance.  

During periods of testing, information will be posted here and in the local newspaper.  Annual flow testing of the hydrant may at times create a disturbance in the clarity of the water in any water distribution system, however, annual testing is necessary to identify any problems in the system and to ensure to integrity of the system when it is needed most. 

74070 First Responder Program:

The 74070 First Responder Program, by design, is an opportunity for local children and parents to meet and develop relationships with the firefighters, medics and police officers of the area.  It is hosted by all the agencies in the 74070 response area and it gives citizens of all ages the freedom of asking the who, what, and how of emergency services.  Area responders show off their patrol cruisers, fire engines, boats, and helicopters.  Lunch and age appropriate entertainment is provided to all at no charge.  The event is held in Skiatook Central Park on the Saturday closest to the September 11th anniversary of each year.