Saturday, August 29, 2015

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The Skiatook Police Department is currently hiring for the following positions:

The Skiatook Police Department is currently seeking qualified applicants for the position of Police Officer. Skiatook is a fast growing community Just north of the City of Tulsa.


Police Officer Qualifications & Expectations


Pay and Benefits


Competitive Pay with yearly step increases

Lateral Transfers up to 5 years will be considered

Paid Medical for Employee and Family

Dental and Vision insurance available

Police Pension Retirement System

Take Home Vehicle Program (within 10 miles of City center)


Education, Training & Experience Required

·         Must be at least 21 years of age

·         Must possess a High School diploma or equivalent

·         Must possess a valid Oklahoma driver’s license which has not been suspended or revoked in the past 5 years and no more than 3 or more moving violations in the past 3 years

·         Must not have been convicted of domestic abuse or be listed as a defendant on a protective order

·         Must not have been convicted of a felony crime or have any pending criminal actions

·         Must not be a current user of controlled substances

·         Must not have been convicted of alcohol related driving offense or crime of moral turpitude

·         Must be able to:

o    Pass physical agility test

o    Pass written test

o    Pass oral examinations

o    Undergo an extensive background investigation

o    Undergo polygraph exam

o    Undergo Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) or related psychological examination

o    Undergo police pension board physical

o    Undergo a drug screening

·         Must successfully complete a basic police academy (as taught by the council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET), written, practical, and field exercises under the direct supervision of a field training officer during the first 12 months of the probationary period

·         Successful candidates must demonstrate proficiency with firearms (both handgun and long gun on a semi annual basis) and custody and control techniques to defend self and others

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

·         Ability to operate two way radios, vehicle and handheld types; radar equipment and breathalyzer equipment

·         Ability to read, understand and interpret ordinances, laws and other operating procedures, and communicate both orally and in writing

·         Ability to drive a vehicle safely and efficiently while under stress and while communicating on radio

·         Ability to deal effectively with others in both stressful and routine day to day situations

·         Willingness to follow orders, and to work with others

·         Ability to maintain strict confidentiality.

·         Must be honest in dealing with the public

·         Must obey all laws

·         Ability to work rotating shifts, holidays, weekend, and long hours as necessary

·         Ability to read and interpret maps and give directions as needed

·         Ability to handle emergency situations in a calm manner

·         Ability to perform all aspects of community policing

Essential Job Functions

·         Operate a motor vehicle for routine patrol assignments and to respond to the needs of the community

·         Enforce state and federal laws and city ordinances

·         Make arrests on criminal and traffic related offenses

·         Perform other duties as assigned, which include, but are not limited to:

o    Investigation of crime scenes

o    Preservation and collection of evidence

o    Preparation of handwritten and typed reports

o    Oral testimony in courts of law

o    Investigation of traffic accidents 


Background Questionnaire