To report a utility outage/emergency after hours or on the weekend, contact the police department dispatch at (918) 396-2424.

Recent Projects

Over the past few years, we have started a tree maintenance program. It has made a huge impact on the number of outages as well as the frequency of them. We look forward to continuing this program.

Future Projects

Stay tuned for future projects!

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MESO Lineman Rodeo

Electric lineman competitors September 2022Below are the competitors from the City of Skiatook that participated in the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma, Inc.'s (MESO’s) Lineman Rodeo in Edmond, Oklahoma in September 2022:

  • Jeff Pillers, 3rd-year apprentice
  • Austin Johnson, 2nd-year apprentice: 2nd place in the mutual aid event
  • Isaac Boswell, 1st-year apprentice: 1st place in the obstacle course and 2nd in the speed climb
  • Garrett Moss, 1st-year apprentice: 3rd place in the speed climb

Congratulations to all that competed and represented Skiatook!